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"Delightful and engaging tale of adventure, loss and rediscovery." 

"I thoroughly enjoyed this novella by Peter Traynor. Very nicely and evocatively written, he captures the mundane and yet extraordinary nature of the loss of a loved one, and how we are affected by it. A lot of food for thought is packed into the story, regarding life and death and how we can find a way to carry on. It is also a good adventure yarn, and travelogue!"

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"Good read"

"I enjoyed this as a short story. The writer paints the environment so well, you could be there. Throw in a bunch of interesting characters you could spend hours swapping war stories over a few beers, and you'll probably finish the book in one sitting!"

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"Beautifully wrapped wisdom and humour."  

"What a great classic story, nicely wrapped in an unusual travel experience. The reader accompanies a man determined to end his life. Depending how you take it in, this book is on various major aspects of life, offering wisdom, hope and humour." 

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"This book was an emotional journey for me and for the protagonist. The author did a wonderful job at portraying what grief can do to a person. Our main character embarks on his trip to Hudson Bay, and we hop on that boat along with him. The journey is an adventure into the arctic wilderness and into the human nature. It's full of incredible landscapes and moments where you wonder what is our character going to do. I can only complain that the book was so short because I wish to read more from this author."